Above the Mask

Reading Faces by Eyebrows & Bangs

With or without face masks, teach your team to read their customers and guests by the shapes of their eyebrows and the fall or reveal of hairstyles. Everyone is better served when natures are understood and honored.     

— 1  Hour —

Take Back Control  

Reconnect to Your Work Station 

Most folks are sitting at a work station that hasn't changed at all since their first day of work. It is stale, stagnant, and full of static. Remind employees that they have the power to shake it up and take back control!  

— 1 Hour —

Reading the Room

Realign Staff to the Right Stuff

Environments affect you. Whether for better or for worse will depend on your awareness of how it is impacting you physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. Know what you're getting into wherever you go.        

— 2 Hours —

The Lady or the Tiger

Heighten Awareness of Place Cues for Safety

When your staff has to go to people's homes, they can know what they are getting into before the door opens. Great for health care workers, emergency service providers, utility technicians, and delivery personnel    

— 3 Hours —

Successful by Design

Intentional Daily Progress

Much research has been done about the impact your surroundings have on your outlook and interaction with life. You can set yourself up to take full advantage of a supportive environment. Start where you are and begin implementing changes toward that success. Baby steps will get you there.

— 2 Hours —

The Importance of Asking Why

Practical Solutions for Working at Home

Just because you have always done things a certain way is no reason to continue bad habits. It is time to reevaluate your approach to remote working. Find out new ways to reinvigorate your stale space, reorganize your spiraling days, and find new enthusiasm for your work life.

— 2 Hours —

Life is Not a Magazine Cover

Staging Sells Homes

There is a difference between staging a home and posing a space for a one-time photo. Learn practical techniques for creating a home environment that appeals to buyers yet is sustainable to the current occupants until the contract closes.

— 2 Hours —

Less Stressed at Work

Stress Management is a Vital Skill 

Explore ways to respond to stress as it unfolds for immediate relief. Identify your top three priorities to minimize your overwhelment. Learn to advocate for yourself and ask for assistance with pride. Build supportive relationships and say, "Ahhh."             

— 3 Hours —

PEP Talk

Personal E-Profiling for New Hires & Advancement

Explore your own personality profile to enhance your ability to make important decisions. Gain valuable insights to choosing between the forks in your life path by knowing where your talents will thrive and going for it! Includes a PEP Quiz and results analysis.

— 1 Hour —

Success Secrets for Savvy Managers

HR Managers and Staff Supervisor Secret Weapons

Start with the PEP Quiz, then deep dive into managers' roles in the cycles of prosperity and growth. Achieve that fine balance between being the bully and getting no where to become the supportive team leader. Explore scenarios for hiring, sales strategies, and trust building.

— 3 Hours —