Trisha Keel PhD


Trisha Keel is a natural-born teacher who is also a master teacher, a teacher of the wisdom, and a feng shui master. A lifelong student, she still thrills to the joy of learning and knows how to share it. With over 50 years of teaching experience, she lights up every group of students she encounters.

"The purpose of life is joy. Thrill to it. Share it." ~ Trisha Keel Phd

Sharon Brown


Sharon Brown brings entrepreneurial experience par excellence to the training grounds. Her skill set includes real estate, managed care network development, Feng Shui, and jewelry design. She has years of experience living overseas, and enjoys tennis and golf.

"I look at the group's dynamic for paths to progress." ~ Sharon Brown 

Sarah T. deGrood


Sarah T. deGrood is an architect, interior designer, and feng shui consultant. She has designed places and yummy spaces, and now moves to restoring taste and grace in homes. A visionary, Sarah guides folks to find their own comfort zone.

"When people are supported by their environment, life gets easier."
~ Sarah DeGrood 

Steven Charles Lloyd


Steven Lloyd travels the world as an international purser and flight attendant for United Airlines. A true liaison for folks who must work closely together, Steven's ability to resolve tricky situations is as powerful as his high frequency determination to see to it that everyone wins.              

"We need to help each other in this world." ~ Steven Charles Lloyd 

Jerri Mastren


Jerri Mastren has worked all over the world as a document organizer and manager for energy companies, but she is best known as a team cheerleader. With skill sets that include life design and esoteric wisdom, she brings the fun factor back to getting the job done.

"I am all about the whole team succeeding!" ~ Jerri Mastren 

Suzanne Roper, BA, RN


Suzanne Roper is a RN, Holistic Life Coach, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Reiki Master. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare and healing, Suzanne has worked in various capacities including leadership, coaching, clinical, hands on healing, and consulting roles. Suzanne's ability to connect on an energetic and spiritual level, brings a truly unique and inspiring quality to her work.

"Life involves more than just what is visible. I connect on many more levels ."
~ Suzanne Roper 

Christine Harrison Solano


Christine Solano brings an eclectic mix of wisdom to the gathering. An accountant, she loves how numbers always tell the truth. As a Feng Shui consultant and student of the Kaballah, she knows the truth will always be found in the energy.

"I never settle for 'regular'. I always find the enchanting." ~ Christine Solano

Kathryn Wilking


Kathryn Wilking loves color! She has decades of experience consulting in the decorating and home improvement industries, including color therapy, space planning, and using Feng Shui. Kathryn works with home owners and small businesses to define function and flow in environments.

"I help people get their space working for them!” ~ Kathryn Wilking

Interested in Joining the Training Group?


If you would like to join this Training Group, please get in touch with me at the email or phone below. We teach all over the world via Zoom. When times change, we will be free again to travel there in person, but meanwhile, we are bringing the light of learning to companies and their staff wherever they may be.