Monthly Morale Rally

Recharge Enthusiasm & Boost Involvement

Reawaken employee energies with a monthly realignment to company vision, mission, and goals. Provide acknowledgement and appreciation for jobs well done. Celebrate personal achievements and events. Announce promotions and contests.

— 1  Hour —

Available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages. 

Quest for Quality

Kick Ass & Take Names

Involve your team in identifying solutions for company problems, eliminating progress and/or productivity drags, and collaborating to map out and calendar an implementation plan for new ways of doing things. Employees STAY where they are appreciated! 

— 90 Minutes —

Available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages. 

Restoring Spirit

Realign Staff to the Right Stuff

Sometimes the pressure to sell or produce takes the heart right out of employees. Reconnect to the company's values and vision with a heart-centered business model that allows your team members to have feelings, need to be seen, and exercise their powers of human kindness.

— 2 Hours —

Custom created and personalized activities.    

The Magic of YOU at Work

Using Personal Pizzazz & Expertise to Sparkle

Remind your employees that their ability to work magic is strong and real. Every one of your team has a magic wand (which is normally called a spine) that takes on responsibility and transforms ordinary problems for customers into extraordinary experiences with someone who cares.

— 3 Hours —

Staff Wizards and Magi identified for Mentoring. 

What If…?

Success Breeds Success

Use Creative Visualization to imagine a better way to solve company challenges. Pull together the expertise of your experienced staff and the fresh views of the newer staff to synthesize solutions. Pair staff who aren't involved with staff who have been doing their job for so long they need a boost. Mentoring is priceless!

— 4 Hours —

For when stagnation has set in. 

Sunrise Starters

Dawning Awareness and Appreciation

Reawaken employee productivity by involving everyone at every level in every area of production. Staff will draw to switch places for an hour with people performing other tasks to give them a true taste of how the other side contributes. Appreciation blossoms with their realization that everyone contributes to the whole.          

— 1 Hour —

Available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages. 

Cafe Feel Good Menu of Delights

Midday Musings to Motivate & Make Merry

Oh yeahs, ah-has, and giggles. Watch your staff lighten up as they enjoy their lunches. Witness the return of twinkles, sparkles, and winks in faces. Then watch the radiant smiles return. The whole office feels better for having had a lunch of joyful simplicity.         

— 1 Hour —

Available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages. 

The Active Energy Streaming of Group Dynamics    

Transformative Team Building

Create a new chain of connections among your team to set up a network of paying forward that identifies healthier stress responses; highlights top priorities; narrows to-do lists, blocks  time for priorities; opens avenues to assistance; and creates personal support systems.

— 8 Hours —

Available for weekday or weekend events.